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Code42 for Enterprise
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CrashPlan for Enterprise, yes.

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

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This article applies to on-premises authority servers.

Code42 Support

Code42 server does not start and shows an "invalid server installation" error


Your Code42 server does not start, and the com_backup42_app.log file contains the following error: 

Problem starting CoreServer, com.code42.core.CoreFatalError: Invalid server installation

At startup, the server runs a code signing verification to ensure that Code42 installed server files were not altered or corrupted since installation. The server reports this error when Code42 files in the Code42 file manifest do not match the files on your server.

This article describes steps to take to resolve the error.


Code42 server version 8.2 and later

Recommended solution

There are three scenarios that result in the error message:

  1. One or more unexpected files were found in the installation directory or its subdirectories.
  2. One or more expected files were missing.
  3. One or more expected files were found, but with unexpected contents.

The details in the log message describe which of the failure modes applies to your situation.

Do the following:

Alternative solution

If the recommended solution does not resolve the problem, contact our Customer Champions for support. Our Customer Champions can help you analyze your Code42 installation to determine the source of the problem.

External resources

Wikipedia: Code signing

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