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Unable to contact Code42 licensing server

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This article explains how to interpret and respond to the following alert.

The table below displays where the alert appears and where it can be configured.

Alert text Location
"Unable to contact Code42 licensing server" Alerts Overview
"Unable to Verify Subscription" Subscriptions


This alert indicates a problem that could seriously affect your Code42 environment's security, result in data loss, or make the service unavailable.


This alert is triggered when the authority server in your on-premises or hybrid Code42 environment cannot contact the Code42 licensing server to get information about your product plan and subscriptions. Any details about the cause appear in the alert message on the Subscriptions screen.

Affected Code42 environments

  • On-premises Code42 environment
  • Hybrid Code42 environment


  • Your Code42 environment doesn't acknowledge your product plan
  • Users cannot authenticate
  • Users cannot back up or restore

Recommended solution

To resolve this alert, follow the steps that correspond to the specific error message.

Error message Resolution
Unable to perform DNS resolution to the Code42 licensing server. Correct your DNS configuration.
  1. Contact your network administrator to investigate any problems with your network. Confirm that your network's DNS configuration allows your authority server to communicate with our licensing server at
  2. Contact our Customer Champions for Code42 for Enterprise support.
Cannot reach the Code42 licensing server. Correct your firewall, router, or other network configuration.
  1. Verify that your firewall rules permit traffic over outbound port 443. See TCP and UDP ports used by the Code42 platform for more information.
  2. Confirm you can access the Internet.
  3. Check your router connectivity.
  4. Check your VPN configuration.
  5. Contact our Customer Champions for Code42 for Enterprise support.
Failed to connect to the Code42 licensing server.
  1. Check any email communication from Code42 or our user forums for announcements related to maintenance.
  2. Contact our Customer Champions for Code42 for Enterprise support.
Cannot parse the configured proxy address. Correct the proxy configuration, found in system settings.
  1. Select Settings > Server.
  2. In the General section, correct the Proxy address.
Cannot update licensing information with Code42.

Unlike the errors listed above, this error message occurs when the authority server is unable to determine the exact cause of its disconnection from the licensing server.

  1. Try all the steps suggested above. If you still see the error message, contact our Customer Champions for Code42 for Enterprise support.
  2. Our Customer Champions may request a copy of the logs or other diagnostic material from your Code42 server. See Send logs to enterprise support for more information.


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