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Store point space critical

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This article explains how to interpret and respond to the following alert.

The table below displays where the alert appears and where it can be configured.

Alert Text Location
"Store point critically low on free space: store point name" Delivered by email and to the Alerts Overview of the administration console
"Store point space critical" Settings > Notifications of the administration console


This alert indicates a problem that could seriously affect your Code42 environment's security, result in data loss, or make the service unavailable.


This alert is triggered when the amount of free space on a store point reaches the critical threshold. This threshold can be configured by administrators.

Possible effects

  • Users cannot back up
  • Users cannot add more plan data (files and folders)

Recommended solution

To resolve this alert, do one or more of the following tasks:

Acknowledge the alert

An alert appears in the administration console's list of active alerts until someone dismisses it. To dismiss an alert:

  • (Version 6.5 and later) Go to Active Alerts, select the alert, then go to the action menu and choose Dismiss.
  • (Before version 6.5) Go to Alerts Overview, select the alert, then go to the action menu and choose Acknowledge.
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