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Scheduled Job: Service Provider Certificate Renewal on server has failed

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This article explains how to interpret and respond to the following alert. The table below displays where the alert appears:

Alert Text Location
"Scheduled Job: Service Provider Certificate Renewal on server <sever name> has failed." Alerts Overview of the administration console


Warning - although this alert indicates a serious issue that should be addressed, it does not pose an immediate risk of data loss, security breach, or service interruption. If the problem is not corrected, however, more severe problems could occur.


At startup, the authority server creates self-signed realm and IdP (identity provider) certificates (used for authentication) if they do not already exist; these expire in 5 years. If these certificates are within 6 months of expiration, the authority server attempts to renew them. This alert appears if the authority server cannot renew the certificates.

Potential effects

If the realm and IdP certificates expire, you cannot sign in to the administration console or the Code42 app.

Recommended solution

This problem is likely caused by database corruption. Contact Code42 for Enterprise support to resolve this issue.

Acknowledge the alert

An alert appears in the administration console's list of active alerts until someone dismisses it. To dismiss an alert:

  • (Version 6.5 and later) Go to Active Alerts, select the alert, then go to the action menu and choose Dismiss.
  • (Before version 6.5) Go to Alerts Overview, select the alert, then go to the action menu and choose Acknowledge.
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