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Corrupt archive

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This article explains how to interpret and respond to the following alert.

The table below displays where the alert appears and where it can be configured.

Alert Text Location
"Archive corruption detected on store point: store point name" Delivered by email and to the Alerts Overview of the administration console
"Corrupt archive" Settings > Notifications of the administration console


Low - this alert indicates a condition that should ideally be corrected, although it does not pose an immediate threat to user data, system security, or service availability.


  • This alert indicates that corrupt archives have been detected on the store point indicated in the alert.
  • If repeated archive corruption alerts occur for the same store point, your storage hardware may be experiencing problems (e.g. bad sectors on hard drives, RAID controllers problems, etc.)

Potential effects

Data in a corrupt archive may not be restorable. Archive maintenance automatically repairs corrupt archives by retrieving missing or corrupt blocks from the device.

Recommended solution

  • If you observe a single alert, no action is necessary—archive maintenance automatically repairs the archive(s).
  • If you observe repeated archive corruption alerts for the same store point, check your storage hardware for problems.

Acknowledge the alert

An alert appears in the administration console's list of active alerts until someone dismisses it. To dismiss an alert:

  • (Version 6.5 and later) Go to Active Alerts, select the alert, then go to the action menu and choose Dismiss.
  • (Before version 6.5) Go to Alerts Overview, select the alert, then go to the action menu and choose Acknowledge.
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