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Renew subscription alert

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To warn you of an upcoming subscription-related issue, an alert appears on the Subscriptions screen and an email is sent to Code42 administrators. This article explains how to interpret, respond to, and configure the alert.


Renew subscription alert

The following alert appears on the Subscriptions screen:

Subscription alert


A renew subscription alert appears when:

  • The number of subscriptions in use exceeds the number of subscriptions purchased.
  • A subscription expires soon and has not yet been renewed. By default, the alert appears and email is sent 30 days prior to the renewal date. You can optionally adjust this warning time period.
  • Your subscription level has been downgraded.

To refresh the alert, click the action menu and select Refresh Subscription Information.

Possible effects

If not resolved, this alert could result in:

  • Lack of subscription coverage for users, meaning they cannot back up or restore
  • Fewer available features

Recommended solution

To resolve this alert, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to ensure you maintain the subscription coverage you need.

Configure the subscription alert warning period

By default, the alert appears and the email is sent 30 days before the subscription expiration. You can configure this warning period as follows:

  1. Sign in to the administration console.
  2. Double-click the logo in the upper-left corner of the administration console.
    The command-line interface appears in the administration console.
  3. Enter the followingprop.setcommand at the top of the command-line interface:

prop.set <days> save all

Replace <days> with the number of days before the renewal date. The default value is 30. The minimum value is 7 and the maximum value is 90.

Overwriting values
Setting a new value with a prop.set command overwrites any existing value.
  1. To verify the new setting in your Code42 environment, enter the following command:

The value of the property appears.

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