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Code42 Support

Enterprise subscriptions


This article describes the standard annual user subscriptions licensing model for Code42 environments.

For more information about the Subscriptions screen, see the Code42 subscriptions reference.

If you have questions about these guidelines, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM). If you're not sure how to reach your CSM, email and we will connect you.

Subscription model

Annual user subscriptions

Users are licensed according to annual subscriptions. For the duration of the subscription period, your users can back up, restore, and receive support and maintenance on up to four devices. The subscription period begins on the date purchased.

Support and maintenance Beginning of subscription period Purchasing
Support and maintenance are included in annual subscriptions. As long as your users have active annual subscriptions, you are able to upgrade your Code42 environment and receive support. Annual user subscriptions begin their term on the date of purchase. If you add more user subscriptions to your Code42 environment on a later date, the new user subscriptions expire on a different date than the original user subscriptions.

To change your product plan or add additional user subscriptions, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

For example, if you purchase ten user subscriptions for one year, ten users can back up to and restore from any of your destinations for one year. Once these ten subscriptions expire, the users cannot back up or restore until you purchase a new subscription.

Evaluation user accounts

An evaluation user account is a free evaluation period for new user accounts. When you add new users to your Code42 environment before purchasing corresponding user subscriptions, those users consume evaluation user accounts.

  • Evaluation user accounts can back up and restore without an active annual subscription for up to 30 days. The evaluation period begins when the user account is created.
  • After 30 days, an administrator must purchase an annual subscription in order for evaluation users to back up or restore.

Perpetual licenses (legacy)

Perpetual licenses were available for purchase through 2012. Perpetual licenses do not expire.

  • Perpetual licenses include one year of support and maintenance with initial purchase.
  • Support and maintenance coverage entitles licensees to software upgrades and technical support from our Customer Champion team. When support and maintenance expires, licensees' Code42 environments continue to function normally, including all backup and restore operations. However, licensees must renew their support and maintenance in order to receive assistance from Code42's Customer Champion team or to upgrade their Code42 environments to newer versions.
  • Support and maintenance lapses:
    • If your support and maintenance has lapsed for up to 45 days, you must pay to backfill or “catch up” your support and maintenance to the current date, in addition to purchasing support and maintenance for the desired length going forward.
    • If your support and maintenance has lapsed for more than 45 days, you must purchase annual user licenses.
  • Support and maintenance time is spread across all of the current perpetual licenses in a given Code42 environment. This ensures that all users in the Code42 environment have the exact same support and maintenance expiration date.
    • For example, if you have 100 users backing up and you purchase and apply one year of coverage for 50 users, that support and maintenance license covers all 100 of your users for six months.

Subscription consumption

All users associated with one or more archives require an annual user subscription.

  • A user is associated with backup archives that contain data from the user's devices.
  • If the Code42 app is installed per user on a device, each user on that device requires a separate subscription.

The following scenarios provide examples of users who consume a subscription and those who do not:

Consume a subscription Do not consume a subscription
  • Active Code42 app user associated with one or more archives
  • Deactivated user associated with an archive in cold storage
  • The local administrator account for your Code42 server
  • A Code42 app user with an evaluation user account
  • Deactivated user whose archives have expired
  • Deactivated user whose archive has been permanently purged from your Code42 environment
  • A user who has never backed up any devices

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This 5-minute video describes:

  • What cold storage is
  • How it affects license consumption
  • How long archives remain in cold storage
  • How to move backup archives into and out of cold storage

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