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Security features for Code42


This guide provides information on planning and implementation of Code42 security features. Code42 for Enterprise is engineered to exceed industry best practices for security while balancing an enterprise’s need for convenience and flexibility. Refer to the documents below for detailed information on Code42 for Enterprise security features.

The default settings of Code42 software provide robust security. However, to enhance the security of your Code42 environment even further, we suggest you follow the procedures in this guide after installing Code42 for Enterprise.

To maintain a secure Code42 environment, we strongly recommend that you keep your operating systems updated and ensure that your environment is upgraded to the latest Code42 software versions.

Multi-faceted security

Code42 for Enterprise implements a multi-faceted approach to securing your data, including:

  • Account security
  • Data security
  • Communications security
  • Web security

Code42 white papers

For a complete description of the security measures built into Code42 for Enterprise, refer to our white papers on security: