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Configure managed appliance network settings via configuration file

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As part of the installation of your Code42 managed appliance, Code42 provides a configuration file (.cfg.asc) with a custom network configuration. This guide explains how to use the configuration file to configure the network settings for the managed appliance.


The configuration file is encrypted and digitally signed. Do not attempt to modify the file.

Before you begin

  • Locate the serial number of the server provided by Code42.
    • The serial number for your managed appliance is located on the rear ledge of the server below the SAS port. See example below.
      Label Image
    • (Version 2.5 and later) From the command line, the following commands will display the serial number: show-serial or show-all
  • Confirm that the file name of the configuration file matches the serial number of the server.
  • Transfer the .cfg.asc configuration file provided by Code42 to a FAT formatted USB stick.
Configuring multiple managed appliances
Multiple managed appliances can be configured with the same USB stick. Transfer the .cfg.asc configuration files to the USB stick and follow the process below for each managed appliance.


  1. Power on the managed appliance.
  2. When the command line appears, insert the USB stick into an open USB port on the rear of the server.
    The server will reboot within one minute.
  3. Once rebooted, verify that the command line displays the correct hostname (if provided to Code42).
    Hostname Command Line
  4. Remove the USB stick from the server.
  5. Verify the current configuration by running show-net to output the current network configuration.
Log files
In the event that troubleshooting is needed, the USB stick now contains log files from loading the configuration.