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LED indicator guide

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The drives in your Code42 managed appliance or JBOD indicate their status via LED indicator lights. The LEDs indicate which drives are active, which are bad or failed, which are hot spares, which are rebuilding, and so on. This guide acts as a key to those status indicators.

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Code42 managed appliances

Hard drive LEDs

The indicator lights on the drives in managed appliances and JBODs reveal the status of each individual drive. All managed appliances use the IBPI (International Blinking Pattern Interpretation) standard.

LED Color LED LED Display Description
Blue Blue LED Random blink Normal activity
No light No LED Off Normal operation
Red Red LED - slow blink Slow-blink: 
1 Hz on / 1 Hz off RAID is rebuilding
Red Red LED - always on Solid on Failed drive or foreign configuration
Red Red LED - double blink Double-blink: 4 Hz on / 4 Hz - on / 2 Hz Drive assigned as a hot spare
Red Red LED - fast blink Fast-blink: 4 Hz on / 4 Hz off Slot Identify command has been issued 
from the command line

Power supply LEDs

LED Color Description
No light Power supply is not working.
Yellow Power supply might not be seated correctly. Reseat it by pulling it out and pushing it back in.
Amber Power supply is good.
Managed appliance is powered off.
Green Power supply is good.
Managed appliance is powered on.