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Code42 API Documentation Viewer

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The API Documentation Viewer describes the resources and methods provided by the Code42 API. This article describes how to access and use the API Documentation Viewer.

Access the API Documentation Viewer

The API Documentation Viewer is hosted by the Code42 server. To access the API Documentation Viewer, use the appropriate URL for your Code42 environment as shown in the following table:

Product Authority server location API Documentation Viewer URL

Code42 for Enterprise


Append /apidocviewer to the Website protocol, host and port of your authority server. For example:

Code42 for Enterprise


Search the API Documentation Viewer

There are two ways to search the API documentation:

  • To search for a Code42 API resource, type a search in Search API.
    The list of resources is filtered based on the text of your search.
  • To search the resource descriptions, use the search functionality built into your web browser.

API Documentation Viewer reference

API Documentation Viewer

Item Description
a Search API Filters the list of resources based on search text.
b Resources

Displays the Code42 API resources.

  • Click a resource to view its description.
  • Click API resource chevron next to a resource to show links to the methods it offers.
c Resource Description Describes the resource and the methods it offers. Available methods vary by resource but may include get, put, post, and delete.
d Refresh API Loads the latest resources and descriptions from the authority server instead of the browser's cache. You may need to click Refresh API after the authority server is upgraded to see updated information.
e Shortcut Controls Displays keyboard shortcuts.
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