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This article applies to version 6.

Other available versions:

Version 5icon.qnmark.png

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Add clients to your Code42 environment

This article applies to version 6.

Other available versions:

Version 5icon.qnmark.png

Available in:

Small Business


This tutorial explains how to add clients to an on-premises authority server. By adding clients to your authority server, you control the versions of the Code42 app that are available for download and upgrade within your Code42 environment.


  • Code42 platform requirement: The steps in this article apply to all Code42 platforms that use an on-premises authority server. 
  • Role requirement: Only users with the SYSADMIN role can add clients to an authority server. Users without the SYSADMIN permission can view the clients available and download installation files from App Downloads, but they cannot add or remove available clients.

What to expect after you add clients

When you add or upload a new client version to your authority server:

  • The server setting to auto-upgrade devices is disabled automatically as a precaution to prevent devices from upgrading unintentionally.
  • The previous version for the selected operating system and version series is automatically removed from your authority server.
    For example, if the Code42 app version 5.4 for Mac is currently available on your authority server, and you add the Code42 app version 6.0 for Mac, the installation and upgrade files for version 5.4 are automatically removed once the newer version is added.

Option 1: Add clients to an authority server connected to the internet

Before you begin

To view and add newer client versions available from Code42 within the administration console, your authority server must be able to communicate with an external server operated by Code42. If you do not allow your authority server to communicate externally, upload client package files instead.


App downloads

  1. Sign in to the administration console.
  2. Select App Downloads.
  3. From Newer versions available from Code42, select Add for clients you want to make available in your Code42 environment.
  4. Repeat Step 3 as needed for additional client operating systems and versions.

Option 2: Add clients to an authority server not connected to the internet

If your authority server is not connected to the internet, follow the steps below to upload clients to your authority server.

Step 1: Download compatible client package files from Code42

  1. Navigate to the Code42 platform Installers list.
  2. Locate your authority server version.
  3. Download the client package file for each operating system used in your Code42 environment.
Custom Installers Are Not Supported
Client packages must be downloaded from Code42. Custom installation files cannot be uploaded to your authority server.

Step 2: Upload client package files to your authority server

  1. Sign in to the administration console.
  2. Select App Downloads.
  3. Below the table Available on your Code42 server, click Upload client package files.
    The Upload client package files dialog appears.
  4. Click Select Files.
    The file browser for your operating system appears.
  5. Locate and select a .pkg42 file downloaded in Step 1. A valid package file will have:
  • A version that is equal to or earlier than your authority server's version, but later than or equal to your Code42 server's minimum required version.
  • A version that is later than existing client files on your authority server file system (for a particular operating system).
  • A file name that follows the pattern AppName_Version_Build_OperatingSystem.pkg42.
    For example: Code42CrashPlan_6.0.0_1452924000530_233_Win64.pkg42
  1. Upload additional files as needed for other versions and operating systems by repeating steps 4 and 5. Upload client package files
  2. When the upload status for each package file is Complete, click Done to return to App Downloads.
    The client versions for the uploaded package files display in the Available on your Code42 server list.
Wait for uploads to complete before navigating away
If you navigate away from the Upload client package files dialog while packages are still uploading, the files will stop uploading. Wait for each package status to reach Complete before navigating away.
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