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Configure system properties for SSO

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Some single sign-on (SSO) system properties are available only in the administration console command-line interface. This article describes the system properties for SSO and how to use them.

Change SSO system properties if you need to modify the interval at which your authority server polls the identity provider metadata file for updates.

System property for SSO

Control SSO behaviors by configuring system properties on the authority server.

System Property Function Default
b42.ssoAuth.identityProvider.metadataSyncHours Sets the polling interval for refreshing the identity provider metadata file.
The Code42 server must be restarted after setting this property.
6 (units=hours)

Set a system property for SSO

  1. Enter the administration console CLI by double-clicking the logo in the upper-left corner.
  2. Enter the command in the following format:
    prop.set <property_name> <value> save
    For example:
    prop.set b42.ssoAuth.identityProvider.metadataSyncHours 2 save
  3. If you modified the property b42.ssoAuth.identityProvider.metadataSyncHours, restart the Code42 server.