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Configure DSCP

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This article describes how to configure quality-of-service (QoS) policies with differentiated services code point (DSCP) for LAN (local area networks) in your Code42 environment. Using DSCP can help prioritize backup traffic from Code42 apps to your authority server while not saturating your network.


  • Configuring DSCP settings only affect LANs where routers configured to support DSCP, and where other services use the same ports as Code42. DSCP is a topic for experienced network administrators and is beyond the scope of our Customer Champions. Incorrectly configuring these settings can adversely affect network performance and impact Code42 app connectivity.
  • Options for configuring DSCP are only available at the system-wide and organization level in the administration console, not at an individual device level.
  • Only Code42 apps version 6.0 and later honor DSCP settings. Although version 4.x Code42 apps may display the DSCP values set in the administration console, only the version 6.0 and later Code42 app applies the DSCP settings.
  • If you upgrade version 4.x Code42 apps that have WAN DSCP settings to version 6.0, then enable DSCP in the administration console, LAN settings are used and WAN settings are ignored. 

Code42 apps on Windows

DSCP settings configured via the administration console do not apply to Code42 apps running on Windows. To use DSCP for Code42 apps running on Windows, you must enable DSCP via Group Policy.

Before you begin

  • Consider the IP addresses used in your environment. Specifically, ensure you are familiar with your use of IPv4 and IPv6, as applicable. If your use of IPv4 or IPv6 changes after you enable DSCP, revisit these administration console settings to ensure they are still appropriate for your environment.
  • You must have Org Admin level permissions or higher to configure DSCP.

Configure DSCP

  1. Sign in to the administration console.
  2. To configure DSCP for your entire Code42 environment, select Settings > Device Backup > Network.
  3. To configure DSCP for a single organization:
    1. Versions 6.5 and later: From the administration console, go to Organizations > Active.
      Versions 6.0.x: Select Organizations from the navigation menu.
    2. Choose an organization.
    3. From the action menu, select Device Backup Defaults > Network.
  4. Under DSCP, select Enable DSCP.

Enabling DSCP in the administration console

  1. Select IPv6 or IPv4.
  • If you select IPv6, DSCP is not set on IPv4 packets.
  • If your environment only runs on IPv6, do not select IPv4. Selecting IPv4 forces all communication over IPv4. If you select this option in an environment that only runs on IPv6, your Code42 apps will be cut off from the Code42 server and can only be recovered by uninstalling and reinstalling the Code42 app.
  1. Enter a DSCP Value between 1 and 63.
  2. (Optional) Select the Push button to apply this setting to existing devices in addition to new devices.
  3. Select Save.

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