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Reporting web app reference

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The Code42 Reporting web app gives you the visibility to address common problems and answer common questions about users and devices in your Code42 environment. You can also use the Reporting web app to export results as a CSV file, which can be used with the data-analysis tool of your choice.


To use the Reporting web app, your user role must include permission to view the Reporting web app.

Access the Reporting web app

Version 6.5 and later 
  1. Select Reporting in the left menu.
  2. Select a report from the drop-down list.
Version 6.0.x and earlier
  1. From the application selector in the upper right of the administration console toolbar, select Reporting.
  2. To select a report, click the arrow next to the report name at the top of the dialog.

Reporting web app

Select reports

The following reports are available from the Reporting web app: