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Backup status report reference

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Small Business
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The backup status report provides an overview of the activity occurring in your Code42 environment. This guide reviews the content of this report and also explains how to configure the frequency and recipients of the report.

Backup status report

To configure the frequency and recipients of the backup status report from the administration console:

  • CrashPlan for Small Business (previously CrashPlan PRO):
    • Go to Settings > Reporting
  • Code42 for Enterprise:
    • Go to Settings > Organization and click the Reporting tab to configure default settings for all organizations, or
    • Go to Organizations, select the organization, click the action menu, click Edit, and click the Reporting tab to configure settings for a particular organization
Disabled inheritance
If you disable inheritance for an organization, that organization is not affected by changes to its parent organization.

PROe Backup Report - Multiple organizations

Item Description
a Reporting Period

Start and end dates for this report.

b Username Name of the user for the computer listed.
c Source / Computer

Name of the source computer.

d Target

Name of the destination.

e Selected

Size of the selection of files being backed up.

f Change

Change in size of file selection. A ↑ (up arrow) indicates an increase since the last report; a ↓ (down arrow) reflects a decrease since the last report.

g Files

Number of files backed up.

h Backed Up %

Percent of selected files backed up.

i Last Completed*

Number of days since this computer was 100% backed up. If the computer is still in its initial backup and has never been 100% backed up, this column displays Last Activity.

Last Connected** Number of days since this computer last connected to the destination.
Note: Laptops connect often because they go to sleep or are moved around frequently. A desktop computer, on the other hand, could stay connected for many days or months.
j Last Activity*

Number of days since any backup data was sent to the specified destination from this computer.

Last Backup** Number of days since a backup on this computer stopped for any reason or since a file verification scan completed.
Code42 for Enterprise only
k Restore Period Displays restore statistics for this reporting period and all time.
l Total Number of restore jobs initiated during the restore period.
m Users Number of users that performed restores during the restore period.


Total size of files that were restored during the restore period.
o Files

Number of files that were restored during the restore period.

p Organization The organization and any child organization for the statistics shown.
q Status Devices listed in black text are backing up normally. Devices listed in yellow have passed your warning threshold; devices in red have passed your critical threshold.
r Support Link to the official Code42 support site.
s My Account Link to the administration console's Sign In screen.

* Code42 for Enterprise only
** CrashPlan for Small Business only