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Alerts reference

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System alerts appear under Alerts. This screen is visible to users with the following roles:

  • Server Administrator
  • Custom role with admin.system.system_settings permission

For a list of alerts generated by the Code42 environment and how to respond to them, see the Code42 platform alerts article.

Alerts overview

Alerts Overview

Item Description



Alerts are active until a user dismisses them.
Active and dismissed alerts are reported in separate administration console views. (Present in versions 6.5 and later.)
b Action menu

Contains available commands, including:

  • Dismiss active alerts
  • Export alert data to a CSV file
c Select / Select All Click the checkbox in the header row to select all alerts in the list. Click the checkbox next to a specific alert to select an individual alert.
d Priority

Alert level:

critical alert Critical

warning alert Warning

low priority alert Low

e Description Explains the reason for the alert. The mouseover for each description displays the description's full text. See the Code42 platform alerts article to review steps for responding to each alert.
f Reported by The name of the Code42 server that detected and reported the alert.
g When Amount of time that has passed since the alert was generated.

Action menu

Command Description

Show Active

(before version 6.5)

Show only the alerts that are currently active and have not yet been acknowledged. This is the default view. Only available when viewing Acknowledged Alerts.

Show Acknowledged

(before version 6.5)

Show historical alerts that have been acknowledged. Only available when viewing active alerts.


(version 6.5 and later)



(before version 6.5)

Mark selected active alerts as having been seen. Remove them from the active list.
Export All Export list items to CSV file.


(before version 6.5)

Print list.


CSV export

Export all visible list items to a CSV file by selecting action menu > Export All. If no alert is selected, all alerts in the list are exported.

Field Description


Identifies the number of the alert.
server Indicates name of the Code42 server that detected and reported the alert.
description Describes the reason for the alert.
type Identifies the type of alert.
status Indicates the status of the alert.
  • New: Alert not acknowledged.
  • Archived: Alert acknowledged.
severity Indicates the alert level:
  • Critical
  • Warning
  • Normal
timestamp Displays the time and date the alert occurred.