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Account Information reference

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Small Business
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Agents in the Summit Partner Program can view and manage account and billing information from the Account Information screen.

Account Information

Managed Service Provider Account Information screen

Item Description
a Managed Service Provider Type of subscription.
b Users Number of users on subscription.
c Billing Information Billing name, address, and phone number.
d Edit... Change billing information.
e Previous Billing History History of recurring subscriptions. Click a row in the table to view order detail.

Billing information

Click Edit... to change billing address and payment information.

Edit Billing Information screen

Order detail

Click a row in the Previous Billing History table to view details about a subscription order.

Order Detail screen

Item Description
a Action menu

Available actions to take on this order.

  • Print (6.0.x only)
    Prints the contents of the order detail page.
  • Email
    Emails the order detail information.
b Ordering Information Billing address and payment information for this order.
c Order Details Individual line items for this order.