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Users cannot restore from the CrashPlan app

Applies to:
  • Code42 CrashPlan (previously CrashPlan PROe)


In version 4.1.6, the ability to restore data from the CrashPlan app moved to a user permission, cpd.restore. As a result, users with custom roles that do not include the permission cpd.restore are unable to restore data from the CrashPlan app.

This configuration only affects administrators who have created a custom role that does not include the permission cpd.restore.


Code42 environments using custom user roles

Recommended solution

To allow users to restore from the CrashPlan app, add the permission cpd.restore to their custom roles.

  1. Sign in to your administration console.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Security > Roles.
  3. For each custom role in your Code42 environment, add the permission cpd.restore.
    1. Select the custom role.
    2. Click Edit this role icon.
    3. Select cpd.restore.
    4. Click Save.