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This article applies to Code42 CrashPlan version 5.

Other available versions:

Version 6icon.qnmark.png

Code42 Support

Missing Security Center activity results

This article applies to Code42 CrashPlan version 5.

Other available versions:

Version 6icon.qnmark.png


This article describes a known issue in which Security Center user activity may not be available for a user in very specific circumstances (see Affects section). Follow the steps below to start gathering user activity.


To be affected by this issue, your Code42 environment must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Use an on-premises master server that also uses Code42 cloud storage.
  • Enabled endpoint monitoring while using Code42 server version 5.0.x or 5.1.x.
  • Upgraded the master server to Code42 server version 5.2.0 or later.
  • Have user accounts that were created before version 5.2.0 that are now backing up to only Code42 cloud destinations.

Recommended solution

Step 1: Identify the orgId for the user's organization

  1. Sign in to the administration console.
  2. Select Users. In Code42 server version 6.5 and later, select Users > Active.
  3. Select the affected user.
    The User Details screen appears.
  4. Under the user's name, note the organization name.
  5. From the main menu on the left, select Organizations. In Code42 server version 6.5 and later, select Organizations > Active.
  6. From the action menu in the upper-left, select Export All.
  7. Open the exported CSV file.
  8. Find the organization name identified in step 4 above and note the contents of the first column, orgId. This number is needed in step 3 below.

If affected users exist in more than one organization, repeat these steps for each organization.

Step 2: Identify the Code42 cloud destination guid

  1. From the administration console, select Storage > Destinations.
  2. Select the Code42 cloud destination.
    The Destination Details screen appears.
  3. Under the destination name, note the number listed. This is the destination guid and is needed in the next step. If you have more than one Code42 cloud destination, note the destination guid for each destination.

Step 3: Access the administration console CLI

Follow these steps for each Code42 cloud destination and organization combination:

  1. From the administration console, double-click the Code42 logo in the upper-left to access the command-line interface (CLI).
  2. Enter the following command: org.destination.manage <orgId> <destination guid> true PLAN.
    • Replace <orgID> with the number from the exported CSV from step 1 above.
    • Replace <destination guid> with the number identified in step 2 above.
      The CLI responds with either a success or error message. If there is an error, verify that the orgId and destination guid are correct.

This command ensures user activity is captured going forward. It does not recreate events for past user activity. If user activity does not start appearing in the Security Center after following these steps, contact our Customer Champions​ for Code42 CrashPlan support.