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This article applies to Code42 CrashPlan version 5.

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Expired license causes gap in coverage

This article applies to Code42 CrashPlan version 5.


This article describes a known issue that can result in some Code42 environments experiencing a one day gap in license coverage. For example, if one license expires the last day of the month and another license starts the first day of the next month, there could be a 24-hour gap in license coverage.

If this issue occurs, follow the steps below to contact Code42 and request a temporary license key to cover the gap.


  • Code42 environments with on-premises master servers version 5.3.1 and earlier
  • Code42 environments where a product license expires one day before the start date of the new license
Resolved in 5.4.0
This issue is resolved in version 5.4.0 of the Code42 server. If possible, we recommend upgrading to version 5.4.0 or later.


If the licenses for your Code42 environment expire before new licenses take effect:

  • Users are unable to sign in, back up, and restore files
  • The Licensing screen in the administration console displays the message "Please purchase licenses to continue using CrashPlan."

Recommended solution

Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to request a temporary license key. If you do not know your CSM, contact our Customer Champions for Code42 CrashPlan support.

To apply the temporary license key:

  1. Sign in to the administration console.
  2. Look for the New Licenses Available notification at the top of the administration console and click Apply Now.
    All Code42 functionality resumes automatically.

If you do not see a notification, apply the license manually:

  1. Select Licensing.
  2. From the action menu in the upper-right corner, select Add Product License Key.
  3. Enter the temporary license key.
  4. Click Save.
    All Code42 functionality resumes automatically.

Alternative solution

Wait until the new license takes effect. Once the new license is active (usually the next day), all Code42 functionality resumes automatically.

Your existing backups are safe during the short amount of unlicensed time. However, new files and changes are not backed up until the new license takes effect.