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Mail server connection problem

Applies to:
  • Code42 CrashPlan (previously CrashPlan PROe)


This article explains how to interpret and respond to the following alert.

The table below displays where the alert appears and where it can be configured.

Alert Text Location
"Unable to connect to mail host: mail server host:port" Email and Alerts Overview of the administration console
"Mail server connection problem" Settings > Notifications of the administration console


Warning - although this alert indicates a serious issue that should be addressed, it does not pose an immediate risk of data loss, security breach, or service interruption. If the problem is not corrected, however, more severe problems could occur.


This alert is triggered when the master server is unable to connect to the configured external mail server.

Potential effects

Users and administrators do not receive emailed alerts and notifications

Before you begin

You should know the URL and other settings necessary to use your organization's mail server.

Recommended solution

To resolve this alert:

  1. Check the mail server settings, and validate the following settings:
    • Host
    • Username
    • Password
    • SSL
  2. Verify that the mail server is powered on
  3. Validate the mail server's network configuration
  4. Check the status of the mail daemon or process running on the mail server
  5. Check network connectivity to the LAN and WAN addresses of the mail server to verify that the external mail server is reachable from the master server

Acknowledge the alert

The alert will continue to appear on the Alerts Overview in the administration console until you acknowledge the alert. To acknowledge the alert, go to Alerts, select the alerts you want to acknowledge, and choose Acknowledge from the action menu.