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This article applies to Code42 CrashPlan version 5.

Other available versions:

Version 6 | Version 4icon.qnmark.png

Code42 Support

Purchase and apply enterprise licenses

This article applies to Code42 CrashPlan version 5.

Other available versions:

Version 6 | Version 4icon.qnmark.png


Code42 CrashPlan (previously CrashPlan PROe) uses an annual user-based licensing model. This article describes how to purchase licenses and apply them to your Code42 server.


For questions about using the licensing tools described here, contact our Customer Champions for Code42 CrashPlan support. For general information on licensing your enterprise organization, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

View your licenses

The administration console displays current licensing information with an Internet connection to Code42’s licensing store. This view provides the ability to manage and view the status of your licenses, and also allows you to directly purchase and apply new or renewed licenses.

If your Code42 environment cannot present the licensing interface, your administration console will present a basic local licensing interface. Licenses cannot be purchased or renewed directly from this screen; you must visit the Code42 licensing store in a separate browser to purchase a product license key and then return to the licensing screen and apply it.

To use the licensing interface:

  • Your master server must be able to access the internet
  • Your Code42 environment must have only subscription-based licenses (i.e., no legacy perpetual licenses)

Environments that do not meet all the criteria above will display the local licensing interface.


Use the administration console's licensing tool to purchase and apply licenses from within your administration console. The web-enabled licensing tool communicates with Code42's licensing store to:

  • Securely purchase licenses
  • Apply them to your Code42 environment
  • Provide purchase recommendations to consolidate start and expiration dates
  • Review the full list of current, past, and future licenses associated with your Code42 environment

Purchase licenses

You can purchase licenses directly from the licensing tool in your administration console.

  1. Sign in to your administration console
  2. Go to Licensing
  3. Click Manage Licenses for the product needing licenses
  4. Select the number and length of your licenses
    See Recommended and Custom below for details
  5. Enter your payment information
    After your first order in the licensing tool, your payment information will be remembered for future purchases
  6. Confirm your order

Recommended purchase

Recommended purchase view

In the Recommended purchase view, simply enter the number of users you wish to license, and select a renewal term.

The licensing tool adjusts license renewals and expiration dates to consolidate the start and expiration dates of your licenses, making it easier for you to maintain your licenses. If your additional licenses extend beyond the expiration of your current licenses, the purchase process will inform you of how many licenses are being renewed and how many new licenses are being added.

Custom purchase

Custom purchase view

In the Custom view, you have specific control of your licenses and start dates.

Manually add the number of user licenses, the start date of the licenses, and the renewal term. You can configure individual line items to begin on different dates, but the Custom licensing tool will not automatically adjust licenses to consolidate start and end dates of licenses.

Apply licenses

Licenses from the administration console
When you purchase licenses from Licensing in your administration console, the licenses are automatically applied to your Code42 environment, with no action required.

If you purchase licenses from another source, such as the Code42 online store or your Customer Success Manager, the licensing tool displays a notification: New licenses available! Click Apply Now to apply your new licenses or View Details to view information about your unapplied licenses.

New Licenses notification

SYSADMIN required
You must have the SYSADMIN role to apply licenses.

This notification appears whenever our records show that you have purchased, but not applied, a license: purchasing from the web-enabled licensing tool, purchasing from our online store, contacting your Customer Succss Manager, or even leftover licenses that were previously purchased, but never applied.

If you dismiss the notification, simply click Licensing in the administration console to reload this page and show the notification again.

Review all licenses

Use View License Information at the bottom of the licensing tool to view your registration information and review all licenses current, past, and future associated with your Code42 environment.

View License Information

Local licensing

If your master server cannot display the licensing tool, it displays a locally-hosted summary of the licenses available in your Code42 environment. Here, you can view currently applied licenses and manually apply purchased licenses.

Purchase licenses

We recommend purchasing licenses from Licensing or from your Customer Success Manager.

For Code42 CrashPlan, purchase licenses from our enterprise store for Code42 CrashPlan version 3.5 and later or from our legacy store for Code42 CrashPlan version 3.4 and earlier.

Find your registration key

In order to complete your purchase, locate your registration key, a 16-digit combination of letters and numbers. To find your registration key:

  1. Sign in to your administration console
  2. Go to Licensing
  3. Your registration key displays at the top of the screen.

Apply licenses

Once you have purchased licenses, your product license key is sent by email. To apply your product license key to your server:

  1. Sign in to your administration console
  2. Go to Licensing
  3. Open the action menu in the upper-right corner
  4. Select Add Product License Key
  5. Paste your new product license key and click Save

The Licensing page now reflects the additional licenses. Any backup functionality paused due to an expired trial period or license automatically resumes.

Evaluation user accounts

You can add additional users before you have purchased and applied licenses for them, if necessary. These users have 30-day evaluation user accounts