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Data retention in the Code42 secure public cloud

Applies to:
  • Code42 CrashPlan (previously CrashPlan PROe)


This article describes public cloud data retention periods in the event of an employee departure or the conclusion of service with Code42.


Code42 environments that use Code42 secure public cloud storage with either an on-premises master server that stores encryption keys or hosted encryption keys.

Employee departure

If a user leaves your company or institution, the user's archives remain active until an administrator in your Code42 environment deactivates the user. When a user or device is deactivated, the associated archives move to cold storage.

Deactivating users with LDAP scripting
If you have integrated your Code42 environment with LDAP, you can use scripting to manage user deactivation.

Conclusion of service

If you do not renew your service with Code42, or the service is otherwise terminated:

After removal of a secure public cloud destination by an administrator in your Code42 environment, or deactivation of your secure public cloud storage by Code42, the associated archives move to cold storage.

Cold storage

The amount of time archives are kept in cold storage depends on your deployment type:

  • Deployments with an on-premises master server (private cloud, hybrid cloud, and public cloud with keys on premises): 365 days, by default. This setting can be configured in the administration console.
  • Public cloud deployments with hosted keys: 14 days. This setting is only configurable if you disable inheritance in Organization Settings. See the Organizations Reference for more information.

While archives are in cold storage, they are not monitored by the automatic archive maintenance process.

Expired archives

  • When an archive's cold storage retention period is over, it becomes an expired archive. By default, archives remain expired for 20 days, after which they are deleted.
  • After an archive is deleted, the data is not recoverable.
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