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Key considerations when planning your Code42 environment

Applies to:
  • Code42 CrashPlan (previously CrashPlan PROe)


Planning your Code42 environment requires you to take into account many factors. To make this easier, Code42's team of systems engineers are ready to help you with the process. This article discusses the ways in which a systems engineer (SE) can help you effectively plan, deploy, and manage your Code42 environment.

Factors that affect deployments

Although we provide minimum system requirements for successfully installing a Code42 server, these specifications are just that: minimum requirements. Your organization's unique environment may require enhancements to various system parameters. Factors that must be taken into account when planning your Code42 environment include:

Users & Endpoint Devices
  • Number of users and endpoint devices
  • Rate of deployment
  • Projected user growth rate
  • Client deployment options
  • Customized installers
Data Needs For CrashPlan app Backup
  • Average amount of data per device
  • Projected growth rate of data per device
Code42 platform
  • Which architecture:
    • Public cloud
    • Private cloud or Managed Private Cloud
    • Hybrid cloud
  • Private cloud server configuration:
    In Managed Private Cloud environments, we take care of these considerations for you.
    • Hardware requirements
    • VM host and guest configurations
    • Storage type/performance
    • Storage capacity
    • Host adapter performance
    • RAID configuration
    • Application-specific storage
  • Network topology, capacity, and utilization
  • Network capacity and utilization
Security & Authentication
  • LDAP configuration
  • SSO options
  • RADIUS two-factor authentication options
  • Roles
  • Custom keys
Legal & Regulatory Requirements

Private cloud deployment considerations

Managed Private Cloud

Our Managed Private Cloud delivers the benefits of a private cloud in terms of security and control, along with the convenience of the public cloud. Your Code42 SE can explain the benefits of the Managed Private Cloud, and help you determine if a Managed Private Cloud solution, with 24x7 proactive monitoring, is right for your organization.

Virtual Machines

If you choose not to use the Managed Private Cloud, you install the Code42 server software on your own hardware. The Code42 server software is often deployed on virtual machines (VMs), in order to take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and disaster recovery advantages of VMs.

Proper implementation of a VM solution, however, requires careful analysis, planning, and preparation, due to the nature of VM environments. Without proper planning and configuration, VMs can experience performance and resource issues that might not be expected based on the performance of a similarly provisioned bare-metal deployment. Your Code42 SE can help you determine which server configuration is best for you.

How your systems engineer can help

Your Code42 SE is your on-call expert, with the knowledge, training and experience to help you plan your Code42 environment and deployment. An SE can assist with everything from a proof of concept (POC), to actively helping you gather requirements and developing specifications. Our SEs have designed solutions that have been successful for organizations ranging in size from startups to global enterprises. Your SE is a powerful resource, capable of understanding the factors that are critical to supporting a deployment that provides your company with maximum value.

To contact a Code42 SE, please contact sales.