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Configure M1 and S2 managed appliance network settings via configuration file

Applies to:
  • Code42 CrashPlan (previously CrashPlan PROe)


As part of your Code42 managed appliance installation, Code42 may provide a configuration file (.cfg.asc) which automatically configures the network settings for your managed appliance. This guide explains how to use the configuration file to set up your managed appliance.


The configuration file is encrypted and digitally signed. Do not attempt to modify the file.

Before you begin

  • Choose one of these options to locate the service tag number of the server provided by Code42:
    • The service tag number for your managed appliance is printed on a label in the top-left front corner of the server. The service tag can also be found on a tab labeled EST at the bottom edge of the server or near the center.
      Label Image
    • From the command line, enter the following command to display the service tag: show-serial
      The service tag will be labeled Serial from the command line.
  • Confirm that the file name of the configuration file matches the service tag number of the server.
  • Transfer the .cfg.asc configuration file provided by Code42 to a FAT-formatted USB device.
Configuring multiple managed appliances
Multiple managed appliances can be configured with the same USB device. Transfer the .cfg.asc configuration files for each server to the USB device and and follow the instructions below. The managed appliance will select the appropriate configuration file automatically.


  1. Power the managed appliance on.
  2. When the command line appears, connect the USB device to an open USB port on the rear of the server.
    The server will reboot within one minute.
  3. Once rebooted, verify that the command line displays the correct hostname (if provided to Code42).
    Hostname Command Line
  4. Remove the USB device from the server.
  5. Verify the current configuration by running show-net to output the current network configuration.
Troubleshooting the configuration process
If your managed appliance configuration requires troubleshooting, log files are automatically created and added to the USB device during the configuration.