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This article applies to Code42 CrashPlan version 5.

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Changes to the Code42 CrashPlan app in version 5.x

This article applies to Code42 CrashPlan version 5.


Version 5.x of the Code42 CrashPlan app introduces a new user interface and experience. This article is a guide to help orient administrators to changes introduced to the CrashPlan app in versions 5.0.x and later.


This article summarizes the features and changes available in version 5.x of the CrashPlan app. It is not intended as a guide to system requirements or upgrade instructions.

CrashPlan app version 5.x requires on-premises master server
In order to upgrade to version 5.x of the CrashPlan app, you must have an on-premises master server. If you use the Code42 cloud with hosted keys or CrashPlan for Small Business (previously CrashPlan PRO), then your CrashPlan apps will upgrade to the most recent version of 4.x instead.

Version 5.2.x and later

Enhanced archive key security support

In version 5.2.x and later, the CrashPlan app supports the enhanced archive key security settings available in version 4.x and earlier of the CrashPlan app. Enhanced archive key security options can be configured in the CrashPlan app from Security preferences or in the administration console from Device Backup Settings.

CrashPlan app security options

By upgrading your Account Encryption Key Security to either of the enhanced options, you reduce the likelihood that an unauthorized person could restore the data from the user's backup archive. However, if the archive key password or custom key is lost or forgotten, it is difficult, if not impossible, to restore the data. Review each setting carefully before upgrading security.

For more information, see Archive Encryption Key Security.

Version 5.1.x and later

CrashPlan app replace device wizard

In versions 5.1.x and later, the CrashPlan app includes a replace device wizard that guides users through the process of transferring files, settings, and backups from one device to another. The replace device wizard improves upon the process known as adoption in earlier versions of the CrashPlan app. There are two ways to access the replace device wizard:

  • On sign in: When a user with an existing device signs into the CrashPlan app on a new device, the user is prompted to either add a new device or replace an existing device. Selecting Replace Existing starts the wizard.
  • From the menu bar: Users can also initiate the replace device wizard by selecting Tools > Replace device (Windows and Linux) or File > Replace device (OS X).

The replace device wizard cannot be accessed or initiated from the administration console.

Replace device wizard intro

Updated notification area and menu bar apps

In earlier versions of the CrashPlan app, the user experience of Code42 CrashPlan notification area (Windows) and menu bar (OS X) app differed between the two operating systems. In version 5.1.x and later, the app provides both Windows and OS X users with a new, consistent user experience. The app provides quick access to basic CrashPlan functions, such as viewing backup status and starting or pausing a backup.

Menu bar/notification area app

Preferences for the app can be managed in the CrashPlan app from Device Preferences > General. These settings toggle the notification area/menu bar app on and off, and manage whether it should open by default when the user signs into the device.

Preferences for the notification area/menu bar app cannot be managed from the administration console.

New user interface for Linux

In version 5.1.x, the same CrashPlan app improvements introduced in 5.0.x for Windows and OS X are available for Linux devices as well. The revised interface provides users with a consistent user experience across all three supported platforms.

Version 5.0.x and later

Backup status and details

Status information can be viewed as a summary for the device, or as detailed information for each backup set and destination.

The Home screen displays an icon for each device on the account. For the device a user is currently running, the icon indicates if any backup set is incomplete, currently backing up, or requires attention. See the Code42 CrashPlan app reference guide for details on each status icon.


In contrast to the summary view provided by the Home screen, the Details screen provides status information for each backup set and destination used by the device.


Manage files and settings

All of the settings needed to configure backup for the device can be accessed from the Details screen, including the files selected for backup and backup settings.

From Details, click Manage Files to open the file selection browser. The browser replaces the file tree used in earlier versions of CrashPlan to select and view files for backup. If a user's file selection is locked from the administration console, users can still browse files selected for backup.

Locked file selection

From Details, click the backup set settings button (Settings) to view and change settings for the backup set. This view includes every setting about a particular backup set. If backup settings are locked from the administration console, then users can view but not edit the setting.

Backup Set Settings

Download files

The Get Files browser provides an updated experience for restoring files. The new browser allows users to quickly transition between searching and browsing for files. Additionally, actions for downloading a single file or viewing file versions display when users mouse over a particular file.Downloading FilesRestored files display in the Downloads manager, where users can view the status of their downloads or view downloaded files in their file system.

Download files

Additional version 5.x resources

Additional resources are available for both administrators and end users of the CrashPlan app version 5.x.

End users