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Deploying The Code42 CrashPlan Mobile App Using AirWatch

Applies to:
  • Code42 CrashPlan (previously CrashPlan PROe)


The most efficient method for deploying the Code42 CrashPlan mobile app on many devices is to use a mobile device management (MDM) solution, such as AirWatch. This article shows you how to use AirWatch to deploy the CrashPlan mobile app.


Non-Code42 products
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This process was tested in AirWatch version 7.1.

This process installs the public app store version of the CrashPlan mobile app. If you want to customize your deployment further, work with your Code42 systems engineer.

Before you begin

You must have an AirWatch account set up before you can deploy the CrashPlan mobile app.

If your devices are already enrolled in AirWatch, you can deploy the CrashPlan mobile app to them immediately via an AirWatch Smart Group. Alternatively, you can use an AirWatch Smart Group to configure the CrashPlan mobile app deployment, then add your devices to it later. Your devices will receive the configured deployment when they are enrolled.

Refer to the AirWatch Knowledgebase (requires AirWatch login) for general guidelines on deploying apps with AirWatch.


Step 1: Use AirWatch to install the CrashPlan mobile app

  1. Sign in to your AirWatch dashboard using your AirWatch credentials
  2. Go to Apps & Books on the left sidebar
  3. Select the Public tab
  4. Choose + Add Application to select the CrashPlan mobile app for your AirWatch environment
    AirWatch - Add application
  5. Select your platform (Android, iOS, or Windows Phone versions)
    If you are deploying to multiple platforms, repeat this process for each platform
  6. Enter CrashPlan PROe into the Name field
  7. Click Next to search for the CrashPlan mobile app in your platform's app store
    Searching for public applications in AirWatch
  8. Click + Select for the CrashPlan mobile app
    Selecting the CrashPlan PROe mobile app
  9. (Optional) Customize the AirWatch descriptive fields
  10. Go to Assignment to choose which AirWatch Smart Groups will receive the CrashPlan mobile app deployment
    CrashPlan app assignment
  11. Assign the CrashPlan mobile app to your AirWatch-managed devices
  12. Go to Deployment to choose how and when your managed devices will receive the CrashPlan mobile app
    CrashPlan app deployment
  13. Select deployment options for your environment
  14. Click Save & Publish
    AirWatch prompts you to View Device Assignment for this app
  15. Click Publish to install the CrashPlan mobile app to the assigned device groups

Step 2: Users sign in to the CrashPlan mobile app

After the CrashPlan mobile app is installed on devices, users must either:

  • Create a CrashPlan account or
  • Sign in to the CrashPlan mobile app with their existing CrashPlan credentials

CrashPlan PROe mobile app sign in

CrashPlan mobile app overview
For more information on what your users see when opening the CrashPlan mobile app for the first time, refer to our CrashPlan mobile app Guide.

Step 3: View devices in your Administration console

After users sign in to the CrashPlan mobile app on their devices, you can view them in the Code42 environment administration console to confirm that managed devices are connecting to your Code42 environment.

  1. Sign in to your Code42 environment administration console
    Code42 Adminsitration Console Login
  2. View devices by user or all devices connected to your Code42 server
    • Go to Users and select a user to see User Details, including that user's registered devices
    • Go to Devices to see all devices that connect to your Code42 server

Next steps

Now that you've installed the CrashPlan mobile app on your organizations' managed devices using AirWatch, provide your users with everything they need to know about CrashPlan: