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This article applies to Code42 CrashPlan version 5.

Other available versions:

Version 6 | Version 4icon.qnmark.png

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M1 and S2 LED indicator guide

This article applies to Code42 CrashPlan version 5.

Other available versions:

Version 6 | Version 4icon.qnmark.png


Your M1 or S2 Code42 managed appliance indicates its status with LED indicator lights. The LEDs indicate the power state of the managed appliance, which drives are active, which are bad or failed, and other activities. This guide acts as a key to those status indicators.


Model M1 and S2 managed appliances

Hard drive LEDs

The indicator lights on the drive carriers in managed appliances reveal the status of each individual drive. Each drive carrier has two LEDs: an activity LED (green) and a status LED (bicolor, green/amber). The activity LED flashes whenever the drive is accessed.

The table below contains descriptions of the LED light patterns for the status LED.

LED Color LED Display Description
No LightNo light Off Slot is empty or the drive has not been discovered by the system.
Green LED OnGreen Steady green Normal activity.
Green LED BlinkingGreen Green flashing (250 ms) Drive is being identified or is being prepared for removal.
Green LED blinkingGreen Green flashing (On 400 ms, Off 100 ms) Drive is rebuilding or undergoing a Replace Member operation.
Amber LED FlashingAmber Amber flashing (125 ms) Drive has failed.

Green LED blinkingGreen

Amber LED flashingAmber

Green/amber flashing (Green On 500 ms / Amber On 500 ms, Off 1000 ms) Predicted failure reported by drive.

Green LED OnGreen

LED offNo light

Amber LED OnAmber

LED OffNo light

Green/amber alternating (Green On 3000 ms, Off 3000 ms, Amber On 3000 ms, Off 3000 ms) Drive powering down by user request or other non-failure condition.

Power supply LEDs

The LED indicator light for the power supply is enclosed in its handle. See the table below for the status of the power supply.

LED Color Description
No light Power supply is not working or not powered on.
Solid green Power supply is functioning normally.
Blink amber Fault detected.
Blink green Firmware update.
Blink green and off Power supply mismatch.

Chassis indicators

The managed appliance chassis has different indicators depending on the model. The M1 has an LCD display with text-based error codes. The S2 has LED indicators to reveal the status of the chassis.


The LCD will display blue when there are no errors, or amber when in an error state.

Code Message Details Action
PDR0001 Fault detected on drive <number>. The controller detected a failure on the disk and took the drive offline. Remove and reseat the failed disk.
PDR1016 Drive <number> is removed from disk drive bay <bay number>. The controller detected that the drive was removed. Verify drive installation and reseat the drive.

For information on other errors, please contact our Customer Champions for Code42 CrashPlan support or CrashPlan for Small Business (previously CrashPlan PRO) support.


LED Color LED Description
Blue No Error No errors.
Green Hard Drive Activity Normal hard drive activity with no errors.


Error, displayed with additional icon.

Temperature Error Temperature, fan, or heatsink errors.
Power Errors Voltage or power supply errors.
PCI Card Errors PCI card errors.
Memory Error Memory errors.