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Indexing settings reference

Applies to:
  • Code42 CrashPlan (previously CrashPlan PROe)


This reference guide describes the settings that allow you to enable the indexing feature and control which destinations allow indexing. When indexing is enabled, authorized users can use the File Search web app to search backed-up files that have been indexed.

For instructions on how to enable indexing for file search, see Enable file search in your Code42 environment.

Indexing is deactivated

When indexing is deactivated, Settings > Indexing displays the setting for activating indexing.

Indexing settings deactivated

Item Description
a Activate Indexing

Enables the indexing feature in your Code42 environment.

  • The feature is not enabled until you click Save.
  • Users' archives are not indexed until you configure one or more destinations to allow indexing, and enable indexing for an organization or for individual users.

Indexing is activated

When indexing is activated, Settings > Indexing displays the settings below for managing which destinations are indexed.

Indexing settings activated

Item Description
a Allow indexing for these destinations

Specifies which destinations allow archives to be indexed.

  • Allowing indexing for a destination does not automatically enable indexing for archives stored by that destination.
  • To start indexing archives, enable indexing for an organization or for individual users.
b Manage organization indexing defaults

Navigates your browser to the Indexing tab at Settings > Organization, where you can configure indexing settings for organizations that inherit system-wide organization settings.

If you want to enable indexing at a more granular level, there are two other options:

  • Enable indexing for one or more organizations at Organizations.
  • Enable indexing for individual users at Users.
c Deactivate Indexing Disables the indexing feature in your Code42 environment. This setting does not take effect until you click Save.
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