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Update devices after change to enterprise server network address

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan PROe


On enterprise servers running the Code42 environment version 3.5.1 or later, there is a known issue with changing network settings on an enterprise server. When you change an enterprise server's primary or secondary network address, that change is not immediately communicated to client devices.

You can trigger the communication of the network address change by pushing any setting from the administration console to client devices.


Enterprise servers running version 3.5.1 and later

Resolved in 4.3.0
This issue is resolved in version 4.3.0 of the Code42 platform. If possible, we recommend upgrading to version 4.3.0 or later.

Recommended solution

Code42 environment version or later

You can trigger the enterprise server to send the new network address by pushing any setting from the administration console to client devices. Changing the setting is not required.

Code42 environment version or later only
The solution shown here is recommended only for enterprise servers running the Code42 environment version or later. While this process will work for earlier versions, it may replace child organizations' settings regardless of their inheritance settings.
For Code42 environments earlier than version, we recommend upgrading to the latest version.

Change the network address

  1. Sign in to the administration console on your enterprise server
  2. Go to Settings > Server
  3. Change the primary or secondary network addresses as required
  4. Click Save
    A confirmation message appears
  5. Select I understand...
  6. Click OK

Push a setting

  1. Go to Settings > Device Backup
  2. Click Push Push button for any setting. You do not need to change the setting.
    A confirmation message appears
    Standard confirmation message
  3. If you have configured organizations that do not inherit parent settings:
    • Select Only n inheriting organizations to minimize the risk of unintended settings changes
    • Changes to network settings will reach all organizations regardless of inheritance settingsConfirmation message with non-inheriting organizations
  4. Select I understand...
  5. Click Push Push button to push the settings, including the updated network addresses, to devices

Additional details

See Configuring Device Backup Settings for more information on pushing settings to devices from the administration console.