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SharePlan Files Not Syncing

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    This article explains how to resolve issues related to users not being able to sync files across their devices or with other people.


    SharePlan apps for all platforms

    Before you begin

    Make sure the user has reviewed all possible causes in Why Aren't My Files Syncing?

    Possible causes of files not syncing

    Storage is offline

    If the destination, server, or store point containing the files is offline and there are no other available destinations, users may experience problems or delays syncing.

    However, because SharePlan provides multi-destination support with high-availability for plans and allows user devices to sync directly with each other even without a connection to the server, syncing will often continue uninterrupted even if a portion of your Code42 environment is offline. In the event syncing is impacted, syncing will resume as soon as the affected storage is back online.

    Plan is deactivated

    If the user is a member of a plan that is deactivated, syncing will stop. To resume syncing, reactivate the plan.

    Device deactivated

    If the user is unable to access synced files from only a single device, check to see if the device is deactivated. To restore access for the user and to resume syncing, activate the device.

    Incompatible SharePlan App version

    In rare cases, if the SharePlan enterprise server is upgraded to a newer version that does not support the user's version of the SharePlan app, syncing will not occur. Once an upgraded installer is added to the server, the user's device will automatically upgrade the next time it attempts to connect, at which point syncing will resume.

    Next steps

    If you are still experiencing problems with files not syncing, please contact our Customer Champions for CrashPlan PROe support or CrashPlan for Small Business (previously CrashPlan PRO) support.