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Enable JavaScript for the administration console

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan PROe


The administration console requires JavaScript. If you open the Admin Console from Applications (OS X) or your Start Menu (Windows), an error appears: Please enable JavaScript to continue to the administration console.

To access the console from Internet Explorer version 9 and later, you must use a prompt to Allow Blocked Content.


Loading the administration console for CrashPlan PROe and SharePlan

  • OS X: from the Applications list
  • Windows: from the Start Menu

Enable Javascript message on OSX

Recommended solution

Enable JavaScript to ensure that the administration console performs as designed. You can enable JavaScript globally or just for your administration console.

Most supported browsers

Follow your browser's instructions to enable JavaScript.

Internet Explorer 9 and later

Click Allow blocked content to dismiss the error message and load the administration console.

Allow Blocked Content prompt

Internet Explorer dismisses the prompt after 10 seconds. To display the prompt again, refresh the page.

Cause for Internet Explorer

Beginning with Internet Explorer version 9, Internet Explorer disables by default this setting in Internet Options: Allow active content to run in files on My Computer. Because the loading screen for the administration console is stored on your server when the Code42 environment is installed, the loading screen file is affected by this setting.

While it is possible, we do not recommend changing the security setting associated with local active content in Internet Explorer. Changing that setting could weaken the security of your server.

Alternative solutions

Open the administration console directly in a web browser from your enterprise server's hostname or IP address on port 4280.

Next steps

Learn about all the features available in the Code42 administration console.