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This article applies to CrashPlan PROe version 4.

Other available versions:

Version 6 | Version 5icon.qnmark.png

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Store point offline

This article applies to CrashPlan PROe version 4.

Other available versions:

Version 6 | Version 5icon.qnmark.png


This article explains how to interpret the following alert, and how to respond to the alert.

The table below displays where the alert appears and where it can be configured. The alert text is different on the configuration page than on the alerts page or email.

Alert Text Location
Store point is unavailable: store point name Email and Alerts Overview of the administration console
Store point offline Settings > Notifications of the administration console


This alert indicates a problem that could seriously affect your Code42 environment's security, result in data loss, or cause the service to be unavailable.


This alert is triggered when a store point is offline. The store point could be on any enterprise server within the storage hierarchy of the Code42 environment.

Potential effects

  • Users cannot backup or restore
  • Users cannot sync files, plans, and events

Confirm that Store point is still offline

In some cases, a temporary network issue or other temporary condition may have resolved itself.

You should visually verify that the store point is still offline from the Store Point Overview. The affected store point will be identified by the lack of a green indicator in the online column:

Store Point offline

Recommended solution

To resolve this alert:

  1. Sign in to the administration console on the master server, and navigate to Destinations>Store Points
  2. Click on the store point that is offline
  3. From the action menu, choose Enable Inbound Backup (if inbound backup is disabled)
  4. Check the status of the enterprise server that contains the store point
    1. If the storage server that contains the store point is offline, follow the steps for resolving the Server offline alert
    2. If the storage server is online, check the status of the drive, RAID array, or volume where the store point is located

Confirm problem is resolved

Confirm that the affected store point is back online from the Store Point Overview:

Store Point online

Once you have confirmed that the problem has been resolved, acknowledge the alert:

  1. Go to the Alerts Overview
  2. Click the Store point offline checkbox
  3. From the action menu, choose Acknowledge

Acknowledge the alert

The alert will continue to appear on the Alerts Overview window in the administration console until you acknowledge the alert. To acknowledge the alert, go to Alerts, select the alerts you want to acknowledge, and choose Acknowledge from the action menu.

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