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Active SSO identity provider removed from federation

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan PROe


This article explains how to interpret the following alert, and how to respond to the alert.

The table below displays where the alert appears and where it can be configured. The alert text is different on the configuration page than on the alerts page or email.

Alert Text Location
Identity provider has been removed from federation and is no longer available Email and Alerts Overview of the administration console
Active SSO IDP removed from federation Settings > Notifications of the administration console


This alert indicates a problem that could seriously affect your Code42 environment's security, result in data loss, or cause the service to be unavailable.


This alert is triggered when your SSO identity provider is no longer present in the list of identity providers supplied by your identity provider federation. This suggests that your identity provider has been removed from the federation.

Potential effects

When an identity provider is removed from a federation, all user devices associated with that identity provider are automatically deauthorized by your master server. Users cannot sign in to your Code42 environment using SSO until you provision a new identity provider for the affected users.

Recommended solution

To resolve this alert, contact your identity provider federation to confirm that your identity provider has been intentionally removed from the federation.

  • If your identity provider has been permanently removed from the federation, configure a new identity provider:
    1. Provision your users with an alternative method to sign in, such as an alternative identity provider or direct login without using SSO.
    2. Instruct your users to sign in to their devices to resume activity.
  • If your identity provider has been restored to the federation, instruct your master server to retrieve a new copy of the federation's list of identity providers:
    1. Go to Settings > Security > Single Sign-On.
    2. Select your federation.
    3. Click Update to retrieve a new copy of the federation's list of identity providers.

Acknowledge the alert

The alert will continue to appear on the Alerts Overview window in the administration console until you acknowledge the alert. To acknowledge the alert, go to Alerts, select the alerts you want to acknowledge, and choose Acknowledge from the action menu.

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