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This article applies to CrashPlan PROe version 4.

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Changing Username Impact To SharePlan User Devices

This article applies to CrashPlan PROe version 4.


In some circumstances, changing a username from the administration console can cause unexpected behavior on user devices, including:

  • Non-responsive or disabled SharePlan right-click menu in Windows Explorer/Finder
  • Temporary inability to sync or upload files
  • Being signed out of the SharePlan app (Windows only)

If you experience any of these issues after updating a username, this article lists simple solutions to restore all SharePlan functionality.


SharePlan app version 4.1.6 for Windows, OS X, and Android

Resolved in 4.2.0
This issue is resolved in version 4.2.0 of the Code42 platform. If possible, we recommend upgrading to version 4.2.0 or later.

Recommended solution

To use SharePlan with the new username: