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M1 and S2 managed appliance setup

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan PROe

Necessary items

When you receive your managed appliance, open the boxes and verify the contents of your appliance shipment. Each managed appliance contains the following:

Box Contents

  1. Managed appliance.
  2. Rack mount rails kit.
  3. Power cords (4).
  4. Hard drives.
    Hard drives are pre-mounted in hot swap carriers and installed within the Managed appliance.
  5. Cable management arm kit.
  6. Product information manual.
  7. Bezel.

Physical requirements

Prepare these physical requirements for your Managed Private Cloud:

  • Dual 110-240V power sources (standard power cables are included)
    The managed appliance requires a maximum of 750W.
  • 1-2 U rack space per managed appliance
    Reserve additional space under the managed appliance if you plan to expand.
  • 2 Ethernet connections
  • Monitor and keyboard for initial setup

Set up your Managed Private Cloud

Step 1: Install the rack mount

  1. Unbox and inspect the rack mount rail kit.
    Insert Server Into Rack
  2. Rack the chassis using the instructions included in the kit.
    Due to the physical size and weight of the managed appliance, we recommend that two people work together to place your managed appliance in your server rack.

See the rack installation and cable management arm instructions for more detailed server installation instructions.

Step 2: Install the hardware

  1. Plug in keyboard (USB) and monitor (VGA) for initial setup.
  2. Plug in Ethernet cable to the iDRAC port.
  3. Plug in Ethernet cable to the eth3 port.
  4. Plug in power cords to each power supply.
  5. Power on the managed appliance.
    Port Diagram

For further installation instructions see our managed appliance installation guide.

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