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This article applies to CrashPlan PROe version 4.

Other available versions:

Cloud | Version 6 | Version 5icon.qnmark.png

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Adopt a computer from the administration console

This article applies to CrashPlan PROe version 4.

Other available versions:

Cloud | Version 6 | Version 5icon.qnmark.png


When a device must be replaced and its files are to be adopted by a new device, users can either perform the process themselves, or an administrator can perform the process for them. This tutorial explains how an administrator can perform the adoption process from the administration console. For directions about how users can perform the adoption process themselves from the CrashPlan app, see Adopting Another Computer.

When you adopt a computer, you are telling the CrashPlan app to assume the computer ID of another device that was running the CrashPlan app. As a result, the CrashPlan app takes on the settings, backup file selection and backup archive(s) of the device that is adopted. Adopt when you've done either of the following and you do not want to re-start your backup from the beginning:

  • Reformatted or replaced a computer's hard drive
  • Moved to a new computer (due to theft, loss, upgrade, etc.)

For an introduction to replacing devices, see Using CrashPlan To Simplify Device Replacement.


  • Administrators with the SYSADMIN or Org Admin roles can adopt from the administration console.
  • You should only use a new installation of the CrashPlan app when adopting a device.
  • Any archives associated with the device that adopts another archive are deleted.
Before you adopt
Make sure that you first move or restore your files to the computer.
If files are not moved to the computer or restored to the computer before adopting, the CrashPlan app may mark the files as deleted. You must then enable Show Deleted Files in order to restore files.

Adopt from the administration console

To adopt a computer as an administrator from the administration console, follow these steps:

  1. Install the CrashPlan app on the new device and target the user home directory for backup.
  2. Device restore the user's files to the new device, and move files from the restore folder to the original location.
  3. Sign in to the administration console as an administrator.
  4. Navigate to the new device's device details.
    1. Click Devices.
    2. Select the new device.
  5. From the action menu, choose Adopt a Computer.
    Available devices from within the user's account are displayed.
  6. Select the old device to adopt.
  7. Click Adopt.
    The old device does not need to be online. It picks up the command the next time it connects to the enterprise server.

When the adoption is successful, the new CrashPlan app install inherits the adopted device's backup archive and settings. In addition, the old device is deactivated and the user is deauthorized on that device. In version 4.5 and later of the CrashPlan app, the default backup file selection for the user's Organization is automatically added to the device's backup file selection after adoption.