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This article applies to CrashPlan PROe version 4.

Other available versions:

Cloud | Version 6 | Version 5icon.qnmark.png

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Identify device issues in the administrator console

This article applies to CrashPlan PROe version 4.

Other available versions:

Cloud | Version 6 | Version 5icon.qnmark.png


The administration console displays information about the backups that are running. An administrator needs to quickly identify problematic backups without digging. Here is an overview of indicators that a backup might require intervention.


CrashPlan PROe only
System alerts have their own top-level view. Administrators can view all actionable alerts in one place in the console. Alerts can be acknowledged, which hides the selected alerts from the main view.

The progress bar

Identify potential problems quickly with the progress bar. By default, if the color is:

  • Green - the destination has received new data within the past three days.
  • Yellow - signals a "warning" state, meaning the destination hasn't received any new data in three days.
  • Red - signals a "critical" state, meaning no new data in seven days.

You can configure the number of days that triggers either "warning" or "critical" alerts in the Server Settings.

Users and devices

Each user can have multiple devices, and each device can back up to multiple destinations. The Users and Devices overview screens combine the information for multiple backups into one progress bar.

Users tab

The progress bar in the Users tab shows the state of the device that is furthest along in the backup progress. If a user has multiple devices, you won't get an accurate progress of all devices for that user.

Devices tab

The best place to look for a quick overview is the Devices tab. This shows the backup progress of a specific device.

If the device backs up to multiple destination, then the progress bar combines information about the device's destinations. If the device's progress bar is green, then at least one backup is running without issue. Investigate further if the progress bar is yellow or red.

Device online

CrashPlan displays a device as online when it’s turned on and authenticated with the server. Use the Last Backup Activity, Backup Progress, and Completed fields to identify issues with the backups.

Last backup activity

The Last Backup Activity column of the Devices Overview displays the amount of time since any backup activity was detected on the device.

Last activity

Open the device details to view Last Activity statistics. The Last Activity field displays the time elapsed since the device sent backup data to the destination. If there hasn't been activity for multiple days:


Open the device details to view Completed statistics. The Completed field represents the time elapsed since the device reached 100% backed up. If this field shows that the last 100% backup happened many days or weeks ago, the device is likely sending new data, but a small amount of files may be locked and preventing backup.

For troubleshooting these situations, follow these articles:

Email warnings

The enterprise server sends out warning emails if a client isn't able to reach any backup destinations after a certain time period. The default is to send a 'warning' message after three days and a 'critical' message after five days. A warning email indicates that further investigation is needed.