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Enabling And Disabling Shared Links Using The CLI

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    This tutorial explains how to enable and disable shared links using the Code42 environment's command-line interface (CLI). Although users can manage their shared links using the SharePlan app or SharePlan web app, administrators may need to disable a shared link to a folder or file in certain situations. For example, a user may accidentally share a folder with confidential information, and request the administrator's help to disable the link. This article explains how to both disable and enable shared links.


    • Only users with the following roles in the Code42 environment are able to enable or disable shared links from the CLI:
      • SYSADMIN
      • Server Administrator
    • Links can be enabled or disabled through any of these methods:
      • From the administration console CLI by a system or server administrator
      • From the SharePlan web app by a Plan Admin of the plan that contains the link
      • From the SharePlan web app by the member who originally created the link
    • There is no functional difference between an administrator enabling or disabling a link from the administration console and an end user enabling or disabling a link from the SharePlan web app. This means that end users can re-enable links disabled by administrators.
    • In a multi-server environment, disabling shared links may be delayed if one or more servers are unavailable.

    Before you begin

    • The shared link token is simply the last part of a shared link URL. The following example shows both the URL and token of an example shared link:
      Token enkDGSdhkRW8
    • You must know the shared link's URL or token in order to disable or enable the link via the CLI.

    Enabling or disabling a shared link

    Step 1: Open the cli

    1. Sign in to the administration console on your master server in a web browser as a user with the necessary permissions.
    2. Double-click the logo in the upper left corner of the administration console.
      The command-line interface appears in the administration console.

    Console CLI

    Step 2: Enable or disable the link

    To disable a shared link, enter the CLI command sharedlink.disable followed by the URL or token. For example:

    • sharedlink.disable

    To enable a previously disabled shared link, enter the CLI command sharedlink.enable followed by the URL or token. For example:

    • sharedlink.enable

    The CLI responds with the message, "Your command has been submitted for execution." To confirm that the shared link is disabled or enabled, simply visit the shared link URL in a web browser.