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Administration console restore reference

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan PROe


All restore options in the administration console appear under Device Details > Action menu > Restore. This reference guide describes the options available when restoring from the administration console.

Administration console restore reference

Administration console restore menu

Item Description
a From Destination Displays available destinations to restore from.
b Restore Target

Specifies the type of restore:

c Target device and Target path
Device restore only
Specifies a device and a specific file path as the destination for the restore.
d Restore files as of

Restores files as they existed on a specified date. Click the calendar icon to display the calendar widget.

e Find files... Searches for a file name or name pattern.
f File tree Displays a list of files that are backed up from this device. Select files and folders to restore them.
g Display hidden files Displays hidden files, such as system files in the list of files to restore.
h Display deleted files Displays files that have been deleted from the computer in the list of files to restore.
i Full Paths

Selects to restore files and folders using their original full folder and path structure or to restore to a single location.

j Restore details Displays the number of folders, the number of files, and the total size included in this restore operation.
k Cancel Closes the window without restoring.
l Restore Restores selected files.