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What To Expect From Public Cloud Upgrades

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan PROe
When Code42 upgrades the public cloud to a new version of the Code42 platform, customers using hybrid cloud or public cloud deployments may see inconsistencies in their administration consoles. There is no risk to your Code42 environment or your data related to these inconsistencies. This article describes the causes of inconsistencies you may see in your administration console during an upgrade to the Code42 public cloud.

Upgrade process

The upgrade schedule is announced to customers each time we upgrade our public cloud. Refer to our customer communication, such as our Service Status Updates forum section, for details about the timing and duration of the upgrade process.

We plan all upgrades to our public cloud in phases that span several business days. We perform the Code42 platform upgrade in our public cloud before making the upgrade available to our customers.

Public cloud versions
Refer to the Code42 Public Cloud Version Policy for more details about upgrades to our public cloud.


You may encounter these symptoms during a Code42 public cloud upgrade.

Symptom Workaround

The Usage and Destination graphs in the Dashboard may be temporarily inaccurate. The Licensing graphs are not affected.

View individual device statistics in the administration console instead:

  1. Go to Devices
  2. Select an individual device to view details
In Organizations and Users, statistics on storage utilization and backup progress may display incorrectly or display Not yet started.

Alerts may display a Destination is offline alert (as well as an email alert, if configured).

Affects only hybrid cloud deployments.

Acknowledge this alert from the administration console:

  1. Go to Alerts
  2. Select the Destination is offline alert
  3. Click Action menu > Acknowledge > OK to acknowledge and dismiss the alert

Recommended solution

First, refer to our Service Status Updates for information about the upgrade process. If the symptoms persist for more than one business day beyond the upgrade period, contact our Customer Champions for enterprise support.