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This article applies to CrashPlan PROe version 3.

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Unable To Invite Users From Users Screen in CrashPlan PROe 3.3

This article applies to CrashPlan PROe version 3.

Some users of CrashPlan PROe version 3.3 are unable to invite users from Users > Add User > Invite Users... The Invite Users form displays an error message upon submission, preventing administrators from completing the invite process.


CrashPlan PROe version 3.3 on all operating systems with these configuration settings:

Recommended solution

Invite the user or users from the organization's Invite Users screen.

  1. Sign into the administration console.
  2. Navigate to to Organizations > ORGANIZATION NAME > Action menu > Invite Users...
  3. Enter the usernames of the people you are inviting to this organization (just as you would when registering a new user from the CrashPlan app). CrashPlan PROe uses your LDAP settings to query the configured LDAP server for the associated email addresses.
  4. Click Submit.