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Rolling Your Enterprise Server Back To A Previous State

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan PROe
As a troubleshooting step, you can roll back your enterprise server to a prevous state using a database dump. This resets the enterprise server database back to a previous configuration. This article describes how to roll back your enterprise server that is misconfigured but otherwise functional. If your enterprise server is damaged or not functional, or you are moving your server to new hardware, refer to Recoving Or Moving Your Enterprise Server.

How it works

The enterprise server's database contains internal configuration information, including:

The database is dumped as part of the enterprise server's nightly accounting process. Database dumps are stored in two places:

A database dump can be imported through either the administration console or through a command line interface on your enterprise server. Importing a database dump returns the enterprise server to its settings as they appeared when the database was dumped.


  • All setting changes that have been made after the date of the database import will be lost
  • You must use a database dump file that has a non-zero file size
  • You must import the database dump file directly from the install directory or an attached store point
  • Importing the database dump can take several minutes
  • If you have only one server in your Code42 environment, it is considered a master server; follow the instructions below for rolling back a master server.

For further information or assistance, contact our Customer Champions.

Rolling back a Master server

Please note that if you want to roll back a storage server, you should read both this section and the following section, because storage servers provide an alternative, streamlined procedure.

There are two ways to import the database dump:

  • Use the restore_database script to import a database dump. You must use the command line to access the restore_database script, but you do not need your master license key.
  • Use the administration console to import a database dump. You must have your master license key to access the administration console for the first time.

Importing with the restore_database script

  1. Open a command line interface with administrative privileges on your new server:
    • Windows: Command or PowerShell
    • OS X: Terminal
    • Linux: Terminal or equivalent for your distribution
  2. Navigate to the directory for the CrashPlan PROe command line tools:
  3. Run the restore_database command on the location of the database dump you want to import. For example, on Linux:

    sudo ./ /backups/CrashPlanArchive_m66019504823x001/dbDumps/proserver-db_1332824401321_2012-06-26_121011.sql.gz

For more information, refer to the Command Line Tools reference.

Import database dump using the Administration console

  1. Sign in to the administration console
  2. Go to Settings > Server Action menu > Import Database
  3. Import the database from desired location. Database dumps are ordered by date.
  4. Click Submit. Two notifications appear:
    1. "Database import submitted. Server will shut down."
    2. "Server connection has been lost."
  5. The server imports the selected database.
  6. Select Reconnect to reload the administration console sign-in page.
  7. Sign in again to the administration console to verify your changes.

Rolling back a Storage server

Because storage servers rely on the master server, you can roll back a storage server without going through the process of importing a database dump. Simply uninstall and then reinstall the Code42 environment. After reinstalling, the storage server will sync with the master server automatically, without requiring any administrator action to manage the database dumps.

This sync process relies on the .identity file is located in the app support directory. If the app support directory or the .identity file is deleted or corrupted, then you must perform a standard database restore using one of the procedures above (either administration console or CLI).


  1. Uninstall the Code42 environment
  2. Reinstall the Code42 environment
  3. Sync the storage server with its associated master server, either from the storage server or the master server:

Syncing from the Storage server

  1. Sign in to the storage server's administration console
  2. Double-click the CrashPLANPROe icon in the upper left of the browser
  3. Enter the CLI command node.sync

Running node.sync from CLI of storage server

Syncing from the Master server

  1. Sign in to the master server's administration console
  2. Double-click the CrashPLANPROe icon in the upper left of the browser
  3. Enter the CLI command node.sync <storage server guid>

Running CLI command node.sync from master server

Either method will cause the storage server to sync with the master server, and fully restore its previous state.