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Resetting Credentials For Your Local Administrator Account

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan PROe
When a user forgets an account password, you can change it from the administration console. If you lose the password for the local administrator account, you must reset it using the enterprise server command line tools.

Before you begin


  • The script (Mac and Linux) or batch file (Windows) must be run from the master server.
  • The reset_admin_password tool resets the password for the local administrator account to its default setting.
  • You must run all scripts from the bin directory as the user that owns the enterprise server process.


Resetting your administrator account password to default settings

  1. Open a command line interface with administrative privileges on your master server
    • Windows: Command or PowerShell
    • OS X: Terminal
    • Linux: Terminal or equivalent for your distribution
    • Solaris: Terminal
  2. Navigate to the directory for the enterprise server command line tools:
  3. Run the reset_admin_password tool.
    After running the reset_admin_password tool, the command line interface output shows progress in the reset process.
    • Windows example:
      reset_admin_password WXYZ
    • Linux or OS X example:
      ./ WXYZ
  4. Customize the password using the instructions below. Do not leave your administrator account password at its default setting. Doing so represents a significant security risk.

For more information about the reset_admin_password tool, see Enterprise Server Command Line Tools.

Changing your administrator account password from the default password

Changing the password from the default is an essential security step. After the reset_admin_password output shows that the process is complete:

  1. Sign in to your administration console with the default username and password
  2. Go to My Profile > Action menu > Edit
  3. Use the Edit menu to reset the password from the default to a password of your choice


Script fails and requests MLK

After typing the reset_admin_password command, press Space and enter at least the first 4 characters of your master license key. More characters are accepted, up to the full length of your MLK, but the first 4 characters are required.