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Purchasing And Applying Enterprise Licenses

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan PROe
In order to back up and restore devices with CrashPlan PROe, you must have licenses for each user. This article will guide you through purchasing licenses and applying them to your enterprise server.

Before you begin

Purchasing licenses

You may purchase your CrashPlan PROe licenses from our enterprise store for CrashPlan PROe version 3.5 and later or from our legacy store for CrashPlan PROe version 3.4 and earlier.

If you have any questions or concerns about licensing in your environment, please contact Code42's enterprise sales team.

Finding your registration key

You will need your registration key, a 16-digit combination of letters and numbers, in order to complete your purchase. To find your registration key:

  1. Sign in to your administration console
  2. Go to Licensing
  3. Locate your registration key in the Info section

Applying licenses

Once you have purchased licenses, you will receive your product license key by email. To apply your product license key to your server:

  1. Sign in to your administration console
  2. Go to Licensing
  3. Open the action menu in the upper-right corner
  4. Select Add Product Key
  5. Paste your new product license key and click Save

The Licensing page should now reflect the additional licenses that you purchased. If any backups were paused due to expiration of your trial period, they will automatically resume.