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This article applies to CrashPlan PROe version 3.

Other available versions:

Version 5 | Version 4icon.qnmark.png

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Enterprise Legacy Licensing

This article applies to CrashPlan PROe version 3.

Other available versions:

Version 5 | Version 4icon.qnmark.png

This legacy licensing article applies to CrashPlan PROe version 3.4.x and earlier. These versions use per-device licensing. CrashPlan PROe versions 3.5 and later handle licenses on a per-user basis. For licensing information on these versions, refer to Enterprise Licensing. Add purchased licenses to your environment from the administration console under Licensing > Action Menu > Add product license key.

Licensing models

Perpetual device licenses

If your business requires a perpetual licensing model and you need additional licenses, please contact your sales representative or contact Sales to discuss purchase options.

  • Perpetual licenses include one year of support and maintenance with initial purchase.
  • Support and maintenance coverage entitles you to software upgrades and technical support from our Customer Champions team. If support and maintenance licenses expire, your environment continues to function normally, including all backup and restore operations. However, you must renew your support and maintenance to receive assistance from Code42's Customer Champion team or if you want to upgrade your Code42 environment to a newer version.
  • Support and maintenance lapses:
    • If your support and maintenance has lapsed for up to 45 days, you must pay to backfill or “catch up” your support and maintenance to the current date, in addition to purchasing support and maintenance for the desired length going forward.
    • If your support and maintenance has lapsed for more than 45 days, you must purchase annual user licenses.
  • Support and maintenance time is spread across all of the current perpetual licenses. This is done to ensure that all users in the environment have the exact same support and maintenance expiration date.
    • For example, if you have 100 users backing up and you purchase and apply one year of coverage for 50 users, that support and maintenance license covers all 100 of your users for six months.

Annual device licenses

  • Annual device licenses are like a subscription allowing use of the software for one year from the date of purchase. So if you purchase ten device licenses for one year, ten computers are able to back up to and restore from your server for a year. Once the annual device license expires, the device stops backing up until you refresh the license. The device license must also be refreshed before you can restore that device's data.
  • Support and maintenance is fully included with annual licenses. As long as you have active device licenses, you are able to upgrade your environment and receive support.
  • The term for annual device licenses begins on the date of purchase. If you add device licenses later, the new device licenses expire on a later date than the original device licenses.

Comparison of Annual and Perpetual Licenses

You can purchase up to 250 additional annual device licenses or maintenance device licenses via the store. Please contact your sales representative or contact Sales for larger quantities.

Licensing overview

Licensing screen

The Licensing screen in the administration console displays information about the CrashPlan PROe products that your organization has purchased. You can also remove product licenses from this screen.

Purchased Licenses

Item Description
a Registration Key Registration Key associated with this organization
b Client seats - In use The number of computers and mobile devices currently in use
c Client seats - Purchased Total number of seats purchased under this Registration Key
d Name Name of the product purchased
e Seats Number of seats in the product purchased
f Purchased Date of purchase
g Remove

Allows you to remove the license

Removing licenses
Remove licenses with great care. If you have more client seats in use than client seats purchased, backup will cease for some users, leaving those users unprotected.
h Date Support expires Date of expiration, and total number of days remaining

Licensing screen during 30-day trial

Licensing Screen During Demo Period

Item Description
a The number of days remaining in your evaluation period

Action menu

Command Description
Add Product License Key Enter additional Product License Keys to apply purchased products to your environment.
Edit Master License Key Change which Master License Key your environment uses. Changing this value will remove any previously entered Product License Keys from your environment.
Registration Information Displays your environment's registration information, including your Registration Key, company, company contact name, and company contact person's email address. This is the information your organization provided on the Master License Key request form.

Notes on upgrading to 3.5

  • Annual Seat licenses must be purchased prior to upgrading when moving to CrashPlan PROe 3.5. They cannot be applied directly to a server running version 3.5 or later.
  • New User licenses cannot be applied to a server running version 3.4 or earlier. If you have already purchased these, you will need to first upgrade to 3.5 before they can be applied.
  • Perpetual licenses can be applied to any version of CrashPlan PROe. In version 3.5 and later, they will simply be treated as user licenses.

More information is available at our guide to Upgrading 3.4.x to