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Cold Storage License Usage

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan PROe
A license is allocated to each user with protected data. This policy went into effect in CrashPlan PROe version When an archive is in cold storage, the user's data is still protected and therefore the archives consume a user license.


CrashPlan PROe environments that meet both of the following criteria:

  • Upgraded to version or later
  • Have deactivated users with at least one associated backup archive in cold storage

Recommended solutions

Environments that have upgraded to from a previous version may see an increase in the number of user licenses consumed, because deactivated users with backup data in cold storage (users with protected data) consume a license. To reduce the number of licenses consumed, you can move or purge archives from cold storage.

Move backup archives from cold storage

If the backup data must be kept for compliance reasons, move the backup archives in cold storage from the store point to some other location on the server's file system. Note that this will prevent regular cleanup of these archives after their cold storage period has expired.

  1. Locate the store point.
    1. Sign in to your administration console.
    2. Go to Destinations > Store Points > STORE POINT NAME to view the store point's details.
    3. Note the store point's Path and Directory under the Store Point Info section. This information will be necessary to locate the backup archives.
  2. Find your user's GUID.
    1. Go to Users.
    2. Select Show Deactivated from the action menu.
    3. Locate a deactivated user with an archive in cold storage.
    4. Click the value in the Stored column to display a list of archives (and GUIDs) associated with that user.
  3. Move the archives from cold storage.
    1. Open the file system.
    2. Navigate to the backup archive's parent directory by going to the the store point's Path/Directory. You will see a series of directories named by GUIDs.
    3. Move the directory associated with the correct GUID to a different location on the file system.

You may need to restart the server to force an updated licensing check.

Purge backup archives from cold storage

Purging archives in cold storage completely removes the archives from the server's file system.

Purged archives
Archives purged from cold storage are unrecoverable!

You may need to restart the server to force an updated licensing check.