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Using CrashPlan To Simplify Device Replacement

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan PROe


The CrashPlan adoption process allows you to easily migrate a user's data when you:

  • Replace a device with a new one (due to theft, loss, or upgrade)
  • Replace a device's main hard drive
  • Reinstall a device's operating system

How adoption works

To migrate a user's data, you (or the user) restore backed-up files to the new device, then start the adoption process. Adopting a device tells the CrashPlan app to assume the device ID of another device. The CrashPlan app uses the license, settings, backup file selection, and backup archives of the device that you replaced. When the new device starts backing up, it resumes where the previous device left off.

Choosing an adoption method

Several adoption methods are available. Refer to the following table to determine which method best meets your needs:

Scenario Instructions
Adopt a device from the CrashPlan app as a user Adopting Another Computer
Replace a device remotely from the administration console as an administrator Adopting A Computer From The Administration Console
Replace retired Windows XP devices Windows XP End-Of-Life Options With CrashPlan