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This article applies to CrashPlan PROe version 3.

Other available versions:

Version 4icon.qnmark.png

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Recommended Linux Kernel And Java Versions For Enterprise Servers

This article applies to CrashPlan PROe version 3.

Other available versions:

Version 4icon.qnmark.png

For enterprise servers running on Linux, we recommend specific versions of the Linux kernel and Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Our system requirements article details minimum system requirements, but this article provides our recommended best practices to help you keep your Linux-based Code42 environment running optimally.


Managed Private Cloud customers
PRO Services works with you to upgrade your environment. If you have any managed appliances, please contact Code42.

Linux kernel

Although the Code42 environment will continue to run on your enterprise server without upgrading beyond the minimum requirements, the Linux operating system and kernel undergo continual improvement. We recommend upgrading your kernel to improve:

  • Security
  • Performance related to I/O, multitasking, etc.
  • Stability
  • Scalability


We do not recommend automatically upgrading to the latest JRE without checking the recommendations in this article. As new versions of Oracle's JRE are released, we may recommend upgrading to a new version.

Other considerations

  • The GNU C library (glibc) is also improved with time, and may be updated. This article also provides recommendations for the version of glibc, even though it is not strictly tied to the kernel version.
  • Increasing the RAM available to your enterprise server may improve performance under certain circumstances.

Recommended versions

Linux kernel version

We recommend that you upgrade your enterprise server be upgraded to this version of Linux, if possible:

  • 3.2


The recommended version of the JRE, if you are running the recommended version of the Linux kernel specified above, is:

  • 1.7 (also known as Java 7)

Gnu lib c

We recommend using the latest stable version of GNU Lib C, currently:

  • 2.19

In general, the GNU Lib C version is installed and upgraded in conjunction with a full Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, etc. Consult your Linux distribution's documentation for information on upgrading in your distribution. It is possible, however, to upgrade GNU Lib C in isolation.

Recommended version summary

If you cannot upgrade your enterprise server's Linux kernel to the recommended version, refer to the table below to select the appropriate version of the JRE.

Linux Kernel Version Java Version
3.x to 1.7
3.8 1.7

Still unsure?

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